ARISTO Cat Luxury Tweed Bandana Collar for the uppercrust Puss

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Luxury Tweed Material 
Cat Collar with integral Bandana

Where the superior look is of greater importance

Also fits quite a few of small dog breeds like
 Teacup Pomeranians, Yorkies, Chihuahua and many more (But measure first)

The Collar is the Standard Buckle type, not  Breakaway or quick release
we sell many other bandana collars with  Breakaway collars and quick release collars. if that is your preference
The Collar is 34cm long and will fit necks of 24cm - 30cm 
Please make sure you measure your cats neck to make sure it fits (Please do not order until you have measured  don't guess)

some Cats do not like wearing collars, and will scratch at them to try and remove, they may and will get damaged,  that is not a fault of the item but a fault of the cat, so please do not ask for a refund  or exchange