Calming collar for Dog with pheromone technology

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Pets Ark calming Collar for dogs (with Pheromone technology)

A few years ago it was discovered that the Mother dog after having her litter of pups would give off a pheromone to keep her pups calm, and lower any stress levels.

This pheromone was then synthesized  and it  was then discovered that it also calmed other adult dogs too.

Now, with the technology today, we have combined essential calming oils and the pheromone together with a collar to calm down, relieve the stress and anxiety dogs go through when having to deal with a whole variety of situations;  thunder, fireworks, Vets, car journeys, train journeys, strangers, and other dogs.

Some suppliers are charging £30 for a collar, others £18

Pets Ark  just £9.99