Cat collar with bandana neckerchief quick release collar

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Cat Collar with Neckerchief Bandana with quick release collar (quick release is not a breakaway collar) (other sellers confuse you on this Issue) UK Seller Quick Dispatch Adjustable, Dimensions Length 30cm, width 1cm, fits 24cm to 28cm neck size. The collar itself is a quick release Collar,

Please note that is not the same as as a breakaway collar

Colours Available: Red with Kisses Red with elephants Blue with monsters

Denser, more durable, 2 layer fabric than standard neckerchief collars neckerchief may be slid off leaving plain red collar n.b The Cat collars do have the Lead clip or Clip to take a bell... size 0 or 1 PLEASE NOTE ....

It is the responsibility of the person buying the cat collar that it actually fits. The size is given above, returns saying its too small for my cat will not be accepted. Secondly, Occasionally cats have been known to get upset at wearing a collar and will try to scratch it off, in the process they can and will damage the material..that is not our responsibility.... we do not get this complaint from Dog owners...only Cat owners.