Cat Collar with reversible Bandana/neckerchief, Hand Made with Breakaway collar

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Bandana Cat Collar
White with Field Mouse design and the reverse is Emerald green
Reversible design, 
Hand Made by Pets Ark

Twice the usage for the price of one
and you get a colour co-ordinated bell

Collar is adjustable will fit any cat with a neck size  19-32 cm   (please check first before buying, we will not  accept returns)

Please note: This version of the Bandanna is fitted with a genuine Breakaway Collar

legal disclaimer.
                          Some cats take an immediate dislike to collars, and will scratch at it and try and rip it to shreds....Please note  It is not a design flaw, or faulty workmanship  and so we do not take returns
It doesn't happen at all on the Dog Collars....