Rainbow pride matching cat collar & coordinated earring sets 925 silver

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Ever wanted to match your cat? 

Of course you do, we all want to!
That’s why we’ve made these quirky and fun coordinated sets so you can match your cat! 

You have the choice to buy the matching set of sterling silver earrings and matching collar or just the collar on its own. Pick from the drop down menu!
The hook part of the earring is 925 sterling silver and stamped.
These are gold coloured to match the tone of the charms in this particular design, but are genuine 925 silver.

Please note the charms are not silver, only the earring hooks.

We offer this collar in both break away and standard quick release designs.

Breakaway collar in rainbow colours
( opens if comes under pulling pressure)

if you prefer a standard  quick release collar option it will be red with white paw print design on the collar (the second photo shows this collar design) and it’ll have the rainbow charm.
the choice is yours!

Happy matching!